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Chocolate Popular Drinks. 

Chocolate is a food, dessert and drink made from cocoa. which is the fruit of bitter horseradish To produce cocoa beans are ground in a blender until they become powder. The resulting cocoa powder is then mixed with various raw materials to add aroma and flavor. Especially sweet taste to

Myths and Facts About Watermelon Benefits.

Watermelon is a fruit that people like to eat to cool down. Because it has a sweet and juicy taste In addition, many people believe that it has properties to help maintain and strengthen health in various ways. Whether it is the prevention of cardiovascular disease. antioxidant helps the

Garlics And Health Benefits.

Garlics are a herbaceous plant with bulbous tubers underground like onions. Each head consists of 6-10 cloves, commonly used as a cooking ingredient. Garlic is a rather different plant. because it is rich in sulfur or sulfur in large quantities In addition, garlic contains many other nutrients. Such as arginine

Orange With Medicinal Properties.

Orange is one of the fruits that people like to eat. By bringing it to cook or as a dessert ingredient Or eat for the hope of medicinal properties. There are many beliefs about the benefits of oranges. Some believe that oranges reduce the risk of cancer disease. Because orange peels