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Conte pointed out that the Roaring Lions still have a weakness.

Conte pointed out that the Roaring Lions still have a weakness. England will face Italy at Euro 2020. And it looks like England will be the favorites to win the title thanks to playing at Wembley in their own country. And with their fans Football in the stadium is coming in more than the Italian national football team. Of course the main team is quite brutal causing many media to speculate that the England national team looks a lot more taxed than the Italian national team. And has a chance to win Euro 2020. succeeded.

Antonio Conte praised England as a team that has many talented players in the squad. But also has a weakness that gives Italy the chance to win. Antonio Conte said in an interview. ” England tries to get you into the wrong one-on-one situation with the Spanish national team. Where the focus is on passing the ball and most of the players play the same way. Dribbling the opposite side and then cutting. Go in the middle and shoot a goal.”

“Whether it’s Raheem Sterling, Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho or Jack Grealish, They all play like this. But there’s another person who’s dangerous for the team. Italy is Harry Caine, with the goal every stroke I got a chance in the box and weaknesses of the team is to push up very high across a gap in the attack, but it is. The home of the Italian national team who have to deal with the aggressive attacking game of the England national team.”