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Frank Clark.

Frank Clark. A defensive end of the Kansas City Chiefs. Has been charged with possession of a deadly firearm. And prosecutors have finally filed an indictment. And wait to hear a statement from the prosecutor’s office after July 14, 2021. That will have an official verdict on Frank Clark. The subject will receive a prison sentence or it may be less.

Frank Clark. Referred to a high chance of farewell to the franchise. While not transferring to another team. Frank Clark could face up to three years in prison. After prosecutors issued a statement to the Los Angeles District.

Attorney’s Office spokesman Greg Risling via the NA. The FL Network says. Frank Clark faces a heavy sentence of up to three years in prison for possessing a weapon with ammunition. And was arrested with a friend earlier this year.

For the story. It happened in March after Frank Clark and his friends. Arrested in West Carson, Calif. At that time. Frank Clark and his friend were driving a Lamborghini on the road. And the police arrested him and asked for an inspection of the car. Until they found two Uzi submachine guns loaded with ammunition. He was jailed before being released on $35,000.

As for the future of Frank Clark. The Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive end. Will have to wait for a statement from prosecutors. But the Kansas City Chiefs would consider the matter a personal matter. Do not be sentenced to three years in prison. Or may be subject to conduct control Discussed.

It would be in the position of the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense as before. But if the court decides that the defendant is really guilty and is imprisoned immediately. That would end Frank Clark’s football career after prosecutors ruled.