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Shocking Federer withdraws from the 2020 Olympic Games.

Shocking Federer withdraws from the 2020 Olympic Games. Roger Federer, 39-year-old tennis player. Swiss nationality has announced its decision to withdraw from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Japan,  By the cause knee pain reappears making it impossible to fight this time.

As is well known. Federer has been facing injury problems for a long time. Since entering the age of 30. The last time he disappeared from the course for 13 months. Since February 2020 and just returned to practice again in March 2021. And hopes to return to compete in the Olympics Games this time. 

But after the News was defeated by Hubert Hurghut eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon Grand Slam grass course in London , England. Last july Discussion has decided to withdraw from this Olympics immediately due to the same injury problems that come back again. 

And this withdrawal of the Olympic Games is not the first time. This slapper withdrew because he had previously withdrawn from 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil five years ago due to a left knee injury and there is no certainty that the next Olympics Roger Federer will still be in the tennis industry or not.