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Chocolate Popular Drinks. 

Chocolate is a food, dessert and drink made from cocoa. which is the fruit of bitter horseradish To produce cocoa beans are ground in a blender until they become powder. The resulting cocoa powder is then mixed with various raw materials to add aroma and flavor. Especially sweet taste to increase palatability By producing chocolate in a variety of forms. Such as being part of food, snacks, drinks, or even flavoring perfumes and various cosmetics.


In general, chocolate flavors and ingredients differ depending on its type UFABET, for example:

  • Dark contains sugar. Cocoa butter or fat derived from cocoa beans. Juice extracted from finely ground cocoa beans. and may add vanilla as well
  • White contains sugar. Cocoa butter or fat derived from cocoa beans, milk or milk powder, and vanilla, without added water extracted from finely ground cocoa beans.
  • Milk  is the addition of milk or milk powder to dark chocolate.

Because cocoa is the main raw material. There are many chemical components such as antioxidant flavonoids (flavonoids), phenylalanine ethylamine. (phenylethylamine) and polyphenols (polyphenol), so it is believed that consuming chocolate may benefit the body in many ways.

But even so There is still caffeine in chocolate. It is a stimulant that may also act on the nervous system or the body. Therefore, the benefits and effects consumption have been researched in a variety of ways. To prove important beliefs and assumptions related to the health of consumers.