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Henderson praises Italy ahead of Euro 2020

Henderson praises Italy ahead of Euro 2020 final England vs Italy. England midfielder Jordan Henderson has revealed that his opponents in the Euro 2020 final , Italy , are strong in all areas, both attacking and defensively. Therefore, prepare well.

Henderson praises Italy ahead of Euro 2020

“I’ve been following Italy for a long time since the early Euro 2020 qualifiers, and found them to be strong all over the place with almost no weaknesses,” Hendo told ITV.

“Of course, Italian style football. They are outstanding in their strong defense. Breaking through the poor door has become unique in every era. But currently their offensive game is still the most insidious. They able to hold the game of pressure on the opponent continuously throughout the game as well.

“This is Italy in a new era where we have to learn and learn how to deal with it as fully as possible. They create chances to attack from every direction. The dimensions of the process are so diverse that it is unbelievably difficult to guess.”

“It goes without saying that this is the toughest game for us in this tournament. But at the same time, England itself has been through a lot before reaching the final. I’m pretty sure that if everyone puts out their best performance like the previous games, they’ll be able to compete with opponents of this level.”