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Mourinho surprised Saka’s last penalty

Mourinho surprised Saka’s last penalty. England managed to reach the Euro 2020 finals after a 55 year wait. And a clash with Italy at Wembley gave England a huge boost in target.

The only thing was to win the trophy and just two minutes later. It was Luke Shaw who scored for England to lead first, But unfortunately Italy’s equalizer in the second half from Leonard. Do Bonucci

After that, the two teams couldn’t do anything until they finally got into the penalty shootout. And Gareth Saugett picked the youngster to score the penalties in the last three, Which all three missed out by the finisher.

It is Bukayo Saka who is only 19 and Jose Mourinho is baffled by Gareth Saugett’s decision.

With Jose Mourinho saying: “Bukayo Saka has to carry the hopes of The England national team. At just 19 years old, which I think is a bit too heavy.