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Nuno reveals Kane is still a Spurs player.

Nuno reveals Kane is still a Spurs player. Harry Kane began to consider moving the team to do the same. After unsuccessfully against Tottenham. Hotspurs once, and there are many teams that want Harry Kane to join the team by Manchester. Manchester City and Manchester United are ready to pull Harry Kane to join the team. But Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that no release of Harry Kane from the team certainly the exception to the team. Offered 150 million pounds to Tottenham. Hotspur is ready to consider again.

But Nuno Santo is not concerned with the presence of Harry Kane has a bit. Because Harry Kane is also a player of Tottenham Hotspur by Nuno Santo. Said: “I now have. I do not want to interview you about Harry Caine. Because now he is still a player of Tottenham Hotspur, but now it is time for Harry Kane to rest after recently finished Euro 2020 later. then we’ll talk to Harry Kane again to allow him to prepare for the next season begins. “

“And I actually, I could not worry about Harry Kane, I know a little, but now I want him to relax during this time, which I am sure when he comes back, everyone within the team will have to develop themselves. more “Although Harry Kane is a target for Manchester City, but Pepsi than cardio confirmed that there will not be spending huge sums to strike targets new part of Manchester United’s. a flurry of deals with Raphaël Varane and Harry Kane pulled plan to overthrow the team successfully.