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Laporta is confident Messi will stay at Barcelona.

Laporta is confident Messi will stay at Barcelona. Despite Barcelona’s efforts to extend Lionel Messi’s contract. Lionel Messi is busy with the Argentina national team at the Copa America.

Negotiations became even more difficult. And Barcelona still had financial problems. Preventing Barcelona from extending Lionel Messi’s contract in time. and now Lionel Messi as a player without an agency already. There are also many teams that are ready to draw Lionel Messi to join the team as well.

Especially Paris Saint-Germain. Who are aiming for Lionel Messi. Because they want players. Who will help Paris Saint-Germain win the club’s first UEFA Champions League.

But Barcelona continues to do whatever. It takes to keep Lionel Messi at Barcelona despite losing many players. But Joan Laporta has confirmed. That Negotiations with Lionel Messi are going well. With Joan Laporta saying:

“Everybody in Barcelona is delighted with Lionel Messi winning the Copa America. Of course it is exciting to see the best players can win. Major trophies have been won and everyone is very happy with Lionel Messi winning the title. While Lionel Messi’s contract is in the process of negotiating and everything is fine.”