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Team of the Year at Euro 2020.

Team of the Year at Euro 2020. Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy) : The goalkeeper is only 22 years old, through a lot of experience. Even though I’m young. With a tough form beyond the age, It is difficult to find anyone to compare in the same generation. Show form to save a penalty against England. Became a hero to lead Italy to win Euro 2020. With such a brilliant performance. Donnarumma won the best player of the tournament award. This is the second goalkeeper to do so since Peter Schmeichel in 1992.

Right-back: Joachim Mehle (Denmark) is in excellent form. He played a key role in helping Denmark reach the semi-finals of this tournament with two goals and one assist. Despite playing on the left side throughout the tournament. But referred to as right-footed. UEFA has arranged for the referee to be on the right side.

Left-back: Luke Shaw (England) is the star of the Euros. After showing an excellent form of play Outstanding both defensively and offensively. Squeezing for a position with Ben Chiwell and Trippier until they secured the position of the left-back in the national team successfully. With 1 goal and 3 assists, enough to tell about the excellence of the self.

Defender: Leonardo Bonucci (Italy) 34-year-old Azzurri’s defensive lead. Scored the equalizer in the final against England. It is an important part of the Italian defense. Played strong throughout the tournament.

Defenders: Giorgio Chiellini (Italy) has played superbly alongside Bonucci. Two defensive pairs have been playing together for a long time. Get along very well It’s called looking into the eyes. This veteran defender is still playing great.

Midfielder: Pedri (Spain), an 18-year-old youngster. Is unbelievably in control of the Spanish central midfield. Trusted by Luis Enrique. Squeezed many senior midfielders to sit on the reserve. Ready to win the best young star of the tournament.

Midfielder: Marco Verratti (Italy) . Well control over the middle of Italy play smart. Can play both offensively and defensively. Help Italy to take over the central territory to be in possession.

Midfielder: Jorginho (Italy), Many may have overlooked him. But what he did was very helpful to the team. He passed the ball easily. But hidden with efficiency makes it easier for the team to play. When paired with Verratti, Italy’s midfield is very strong.

Attacking line: Raheem Sterling (England), this wiggly winger. Create turbulence for the defense of every team as well. He has the rest of his dribbling skills. Help the team benefit from his splicer pull. He was also able to claim a penalty for England in the semi-final against Denmark.

Attacking line: Patrick Chic (Czech), although he didn’t reach his dream side. Parked only in the 8th round of the team, but with 5 goals scored as a scorer with Ronaldo It guarantees his excellence as well.

Attacking line: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) at the age of 36, but the form of play is extraordinary. even bring Portugal Parked only in the 8th round of the team with a score of 5 goals and 1 assist as a regular goal scorer It was enough to name him in this great team